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My degree is in engineering. Figuring things out and problem solving is not what I do, it's who I am. I constantly asking myself how and why something works. This same inquisition is part of the reason I love photography.

As a self-taught photographer, I have found that photography among other things is a simply a balance of light, time, and sensitivity. My goal as a photographer is to continuously mix these three elements together to create an image that is truly sui-generis; An image of expression, focus, and substance.

My passion is still capturing the moments that matter the most; however, I have grown in my photography. I am in love with the smile and the expression that lovers make when they say I do. I embrace the notion that all women are beautiful and strive to make that a constant visual reality in my work.

The way I see things is influenced by my experiences in living in many places (Compton, Carson, Cotton Plant AR, Los Angeles Houston, Dallas, Atlanta and Long Beach CA).

'It is in the living and the experiencing that you will find the job is to capture those special moments in between.'
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